What my clients say

Valérie has a unique expertise and knowledge of the Montpellier market. Always attentive to our needs, she demonstrated perseverance and unwavering support. She was able to identify on certain properties, points of attention that we would not have been able to pinpoint ourselves. Valérie showed great responsiveness throughout the search process, always available to answer our questions and concerns. Her professionalism and proactivity reassured us significantly and allowed us to successfully complete this acquisition project. Distance has never been a constraint, as the property visit reports sent by Valérie were always very precise, detailed, and covered all the questions we could have (profitability, risks, neighborhood evolution, renovations, etc.). We highly recommend Valérie's services to anyone looking to acquire property in the Montpellier region. Thank you again, Valérie, for your professional and personal commitment to our search.
Karima and Thomas, Singapore. Purchase in décember 23
Investment Montpellier
I want to express my deep gratitude for your incredible work and dedication in researching a rental investment in Montpellier. Your expertise, professionalism, and perseverance have been invaluable throughout the process. Your in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Montpellier and your ability to understand my preferences and propose alternative solutions have been crucial. I am extremely grateful for the time you spent presenting various options, answering my questions, and facilitating all administrative procedures. Your commitment to providing exceptional service truly made a difference, and I am thrilled with the result. Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness. Working with you has been a positive experience, and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and colleagues looking for accommodation.
Pascal Soriano, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The 26th of november 23; Purchase in dicember 22
Without Valérie, we would not have been able to do it. I tried, but without results. For several months, I searched remotely, going back and forth regularly from Bourgone where we lived, to visit apartments that did not really match the ads or located in neighborhoods very far from our research area (the Ecusson and its surroundings), and when I had the impression to have found the rare pearl, it happened once, not being reactive enough and let go of this good. In short, at one point, delegating our research to someone who knew the Montpellier market, the neighborhoods of the city, having all the networks that we lacked to find what could match us, imposed. When I met Valérie, I was immediately confident, I knew from the outset that she had understood what we were looking for and that she would spare no effort to find us the charming apartment, in hyper center (but not too noisy…) that we hoped, and that her advice and availability, throughout the process, would be valuable. We were not disappointed. Within a few months it was done. Thanks to Valerie, here we are in full Ecusson in a very bright and very pleasant apartment. A new life that begins for which we will continue to ask her to tell us the right addresses to frequent. Because in addition to being an excellent property hunter and a beautiful person, Valérie is also an epicurean, which spoils nothing. Thank you!
Didier and Gilles
Purchase in may 2023
We were looking for a real estate investment in the Montpellier region from abroad and Valérie helped us enormously to find and acquire the property (life lease). We greatly appreciated his valuable advice, professionalism and negotiating power. Valérie advised us to look for a notary who protected us much more than the notary sellers and this was a great advantage in the contract of acquisition of the property. We warmly recommend its services and for future real estate investments will surely call on Valérie
Anca and Ciprian Panturu, Kampala (Uganda)
Purchase in january 22
For my first real estate purchase from abroad, a specialized site recommended some real estate hunters including Valerie who runs the company Interface Patrimoine on Montpellier, and my experience has been more than positive . I feel very lucky. A professionalism without flaws a great reactivity and availability, very attentive, she knew how to get involved in research by testifying to a real expertise; she knew how to find, despite the distance, my rare pearl, with serenity to carry out this project from end to end. I highly recommend it. Thank you again Valérie who, for us, has become more than a real estate hunter. The human and available side has made her a friend too.
Imane Iles, Doha (Qatar)
Purchase in december 22

Valérie combines an excellent knowledge of the market, and therefore of Montpellier with professionalism at all events. Valérie is proactive and fully committed to a case for her client in order to conclude it in the best possible conditions, anticipating problems and communicating with the various stakeholders. A very good experience, especially for an expat living in a time zone not always easy to manage.
Jérôme Hamilton, Singapour
Purchase in July 2022

Mrs Grispan was recommended to me by a site specialized in real estate investment for French residents abroad. From our first exchange, her professionalism and experience gave me confidence and I decided to entrust my project to her. We first targeted the type of property to look for in Montpellier and its surroundings and once my criteria were validated, she quickly offered me several types of properties that corresponded to my budget. In three weeks, Ms. Grispan found a property that checked all the wishes, so we moved towards the offer to purchase. Beyond the research, the quality of her support in this first purchase was essential because I needed a real partner to support me throughout the acquisition project. Mrs. Grispan has shown patience and perseverance; she has been present in discussions with the owner and her agency, the notary, the broker, the bank... She also advised me for the selection of a management agency, she then took charge of the missing furniture in the apartment, the necessary small work, and this until the apartment is finally rented. I have already recommended Mrs. Grispan around me, and I will not hesitate to use her services again on a future purchase. Yet another huge thank you for your professional and personal investment.
Marlène Vicaire, Singapore
Purchase in decembre 21

I found Valerie by word of mouth. I only wanted general information at first but as soon as I met her, I knew I wanted her to accompany me in my real estate project. Given my small income, in order to benefit from the zero-interest loan, she advised me on a construction project, which I absolutely did not want. Indeed, I had witnessed too much the despair of my colleagues and friends and their constant stress and, for some, their trauma, during the construction of their house, and embarking on this same adventure alone was extremely frightening for me. Valérie reassured me, however, by promising to take over the anxiety-inducing part of the job and only leave me the pleasure of choosing the tiles, the colour of the paint, etc. She kept her promise, and far beyond. Between financial, legal and other jargon, I was lost, as a pure literary at the base. But Valérie didn’t just translate me into an accessible French this nebulous language. She tracked down all the mistakes, had the documents corrected (notary, bank, real estate builder). She accompanied me in all the steps, including administrative resulting from this project (and there were!). My colleagues and friends were amazed. In addition to a very time-consuming accompaniment, she had to show a lot of psychology and pedagogy to help me visualize, and to carry out the necessary steps at each stage, I who tend to procrastinate. I look back on the immense work it has taken, and today I can only express my gratitude. Thank you for all Valerie. In addition to your undeniable professional expertise, your human qualities make you a unique person that my daughter and I will never forget.
Mrs Makrani
From 2018 to end 2020

Wishing to leave Paris for the Hérault area , we had surveyed the east of Montpellier to get a first glimpse of the cities we liked. With the distance, being accompanied by a professional made sense. After some research on the internet and calls in real estate agency, we knew very quickly that we would like to use the services of Valérie. First email and telephone exchanges that gave us confidence and allowed us to target our criteria. We were able to be enlightened on the elements of the market, the characteristics of the cities that we liked etc. Valérie then knew how to target some goods likely to interest us, sent us the detailed descriptions (with positive and negative points), complete visit videos to represent the property “as if we were there” and that makes all the difference . We would like to point out that the health context related to the Covid-19 pandemic has been present during the period of research/acquisition of our home. Despite this, always reassuring and reactive, Valérie allowed us to finalize our purchase. An important work with the sellers, in connection with the notaries, the various urban planning services, diagnostics and so on, has been carried out. We were able to rely on his expertise with our eyes closed! And the work did not stop there, very invested Valérie did well beyond her missions and our expectations since she even received the movers, and took care of our house in our absence. Everything is said, a little fairy in the middle! We are very grateful to him for having been able to help us in this project, and for being always there to share good plans of visit in the sector, the name of trusted artisans.. You will have understood, beyond having helped us to find a good, it is really a personalized accompaniment from a to z that we have benefited from with Valérie and this, with professionalism and sympathy that characterize her. Thanks again for everything!
The Castriotes
Purchase in May 21

What to say, apart from thanking Valérie again and again for her work and her involvement. It was a ready apartment that finally I was able to obtain thanks to her. From research of the property to rental, Valérie has been and is still present. The knowledge as well as the love for her job make of her an outstanding property hunter that I recommend without any hesitation. Thank you again Valérie for all you have done and still do : continue to support me every day ! You are a pearl !
Virginie Nuzzaci,
Lançon Provence, Purchase in 2018

Valérie, the pearl of hunters of the Montpellier region! We contacted Valérie during a transfer to Montpellier while we lived in Reunion and did not know the region at all. The first contacts were made by skype and by telephone. Very quickly, Valérie started looking for the house of our dreams, according to our expectations, our budget and the reality of the market. We had a daily report of the visits by email: to forget, to review, advantages and disadvantages, places, proximity of transport and schools... Many exchanges gradually enabled us to perceive more precisely what we wanted and where. Valérie was great from end from start to finish, until after the purchase: following up on the file, contacting a notary, verifying the documents and the diagnostics, she was present at the signing of the compromise and the act of sale. She followed the various phases of the purchase with great attention so that we had our house as soon as we arrived from Reunion, even going so far as to receive our move and manage some electricity problems while we had not yet arrived. Valerie, thank you for everything, you have been more than perfect and continue to work so with passion!!!
Nathalie and Jérôme Daval, La Réunion island, Purchase in 2019

We contacted Mrs Grispan for an investment in rental property. Thanks to her expertise of the market we saved time and were reassured in the choice of the real property. She accompanied us up to the end of the project by being involved always very. Thank you again and bye for now!
Mr and Mrs Benjamin M. , Montpellier, Purchase on May 2016
Valerie spent several months corresponding with us and researching properties and neighbourhoods in the Montpellier area in her quest to understand our requirements. She provided us with a short list of properties to view and she accompanied us on all the viewings. When we found the property that was ideal for us, and we would never have found it without her, Valerie helped and supported us during the sale process. Now that we have taken possession of the property and now that her official duties are over, Valerie is still with us helping and advising on all the incidental things surrounding a house move. Valerie is the consummate professional and her service exceeded our expectations by a large margin. She has our very highest recommendation. Thank you so much Valerie
Brian & Gaynor Maskery, Clapiers September 2015.
To sell and buy our real property, we wished to be accompanied by professional advices. In 2012, we called on to Mrs Grispan twice, at first to sell our apartment in town, then to buy a house in a residential area. Thanks to her expertise,her reactivity and her psychological sensitivity, we quickly succeeded in finding buyers and then the right property. We congratulate ourselves on this choice and we can only recommend warmly Mrs Grispan's services.
Martine and Peter Weinmann, (academics), Montpellier, 2012
My wife and I worked with Valerie to locate and purchase an apartment in the center of Montpellier. Initially we were not sure where we wanted to settle, so we met agents in several cities in the Herault Region. Valerie stood out far from the other agents in her dedication and effectiveness. She worked hard to understand what we were looking for and to find candidate apartments that were a match for us. When we started looking, there were few apartments on the market, and Valerie kept us in touch with everything that became available. She was very dedicated to helping us find an apartment, and she showed us any flat that we were interested in. When we were not in France, she made detailed videos of apartments for us to review. She also helped us understand the French way of doing things and helped us validate ongoing cost estimates related to the apartment. She provided good counsel during the offer stage of our apartment purchase, and kept our purchase from being derailed. She helped us after our sale with getting utilities transferred to our name and working thru the French document structure. She provided us with leads for work we needed done as part of our renovation project, and our best tradesmen came from her recommendations. We are very happy with our apartment. Her help and attention were priceless, and we have stayed in touch with her since then, as our first friend in Montpellier. If you are interested in buying in Montpellier we give Valerie the highest recommendation possible. You will not go wrong working with Valerie!
David and Kate Beal. Seattle. USA. September 2011. Purchase in 2010
We are slowly but surely making our transition to Montpellier, a city that we have chosen and one that is ideal for the next part of our lives. Before moving to Montpellier, I saw it in all four seasons and met 14 different estate agents. The only estate agent that I want to build a project with is Valerie GRISPAN If you are looking for a person who will work with you to realize your project, to find an apartment, to understand your needs for a new or older home, to find land or work with a developer, I would tell you that Valerie is the person you need to work with. Our project is not finished. She found us a perfect apartment (for us) so that we could take our time to find the right place for us, in the right location and at the right price. She took the time to understand our special needs. and she did that in accordance with our values and systems, not her own. If you are looking for an estate agent there is ONLY ONE that I would recommend in Montpellier - VALERIE GRISPAN. and when I sell the flat in Paris, she will certainly be a part of that sale as well. Thank you Valerie.
Jon Amos, Business Coach and Professor, de Paris. Rent : 2011
We were delighted by the help we received from Valerie Grispan in finding our apartment in Montpellier. The service she provided was always efficient and courteous but also friendly. Her support throughout the search and the subsequent purchase was invaluable and we felt very comfortable about trusting her advice and guidance through processes that were totally unfamiliar to us. Her services have also extended to "after-sales" where she has been extremely helpful in helping us to settle in to the apartment and arranging for some minor works to be carried out. We have no hesitation in recommending Interface Patrimoine to anyone looking to purchase a property in the Montpellier area.
KR et TS, Londres, 2011 (achat en 2010).
Thank you again for your devotion, your smile and supporting us
Mr en Mrs M. and C. G, Montpellier 2010
Area of Montpellier, where I bought an apartment at St Gély du Fesc (34980) in a residence constructed by Hélénis in 2008. I was able to find this construction thanks to the kindness and patience of Mrs Grispan , creator of INTERFACE PATRIMOINE I recommend all potential buyers to contact INTERFACE PATRIMOINE, this experience ‘tops’ anything else you can find in the property market.
P. F.,
While I was looking for an apartment in Montpellier, I answered an advertisement on the Internet that brought me into contact with Valérie Grispan. From the first meeting, I felt a lot confidence in her skills in the property market. Due to constraints connected with my job, this lead me to ask for her help in finding a property which best corresponded to my needs. I appreciate the work that she has done and that fact that I got the benefit of her availability, her knowhow , her professionalism and efficiency in every task that she undertook coupled with her in depth knowledge of the local property market. All these elements allowed me to acquire the property that I hoped for. Valérie Grispan’s work has also been extremely efficient beyond the signing of the deeds, thanks to her support during each stage of the apartment’s construction and the care that she took in informing me of all developments in my building project.
Looking for something very special they were the only agency that really listened to my demands. I trusted them and we went for it together. I had been looking for a very special property for more than a year. I had only been in contacted with agencies interested in ‘talking numbers’ They seemed to have forgotten the customer satisfaction side of things. From the beginning Valérie explained to me the adjacent parts, often helping me even if it wasn’t her domain i.e. bank, loan, solicitor etc….. Distance was also never a problem…… What do you think of your experience? Fantastic, I live abroad and I was impressed right from the start of how they took care of everything. The only thing that I had to do was to let them guide me. In the beginning I thought that the distance was going to create problems but I quickly saw that they were capable of dealing with all situations. I put them in contact with my representative in France ‘my mother’. Valérie Grispan got in contact with her and she immediately trusted Valérie to manage my purchase until its completion. Would you recommend it? Definitely
Gerard Moutou Chief Executive Doha Qatar. purchase 2008
INTERFACE PATRIMOINE, an experience to recommend : We found INTERFACE PATRIMOINE by chance through an advertisement on the internet which advertised ‘luxury’ apartments , but we didn’t know who was behind the advert. Although we knew Montpellier well, we lived in Alsace and we quickly realized that technically it would be very difficult to find the place of our dreams without going through a professional in situ. The description that we drew up with INTERFACE PATRIMOINE meant that we found what we were looking for in less than 6 months (beginning 2007). The properties shown to us were all relevant to our specifications and just one trip was necessary to confirm our choice. Everything was very straight forward and without any surprises. We appreciated the dedication, the professionalism and the efficiency that INTERFACE PATRIMOINE showed and we can only but recommend it.
JMA Retired Director of R&D at multinational
From finding the right property, through to the purchase process to post-purchase support (ex utility connection etc), I found Valérie’s assistance invaluable in helping me throughout the whole buying process. I always felt that she had my best interests at heart which is very reassuring when dealing in an unfamiliar language. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering purchasing property in France.
Dave Fitzgerald, Ireland. Purchase : 2006
Montpellier, 2010
We had been hoping to find a property in the region for a long while but we didn’t dare start looking for somewhere, difficult when you live in Paris. A friend told us about INTERFACE PATRIMOINE and we were given a great welcome and quickly trusted the impeccable advice of Valérie Grispan, who was always available to listen to us and offer us properties which corresponded exactly with what we were looking for. She supported us at every stage of our project. We would like to thank her for her invaluable contribution that she brought to the realization of this project and to express our complete satisfaction and gratitude. Recommended without hesitation.
Mr Barthès, Policeman Mme Barthès, Insurance Agency employee. Paris. Purchase in 2006
Pilote de Ligne à la retraite
We learnt about INTERFACE PATRIMOINE through the newspaper Le Particulier . We chose this concept to have a more personalized search. We hadn’t been through the process before and we are more than ready to do it again. This agency has given us complete satisfaction: the contract was clear and respected, a targeted selection of properties to visit, efficiency and speed in the search. We really appreciated the availability, kindness and honesty that Mme Grispan has demonstrated. It should also be noted that the fees are no higher than those quoted in an estate agency.
Mr et Mme Le Duff, provenance : Normandie ; recherche et acquisition en 2005.
The agency INTERFACE PATRIMOINE was recommended to me by a business contact I found the director’s personality immediately attractive; warm, kind and friendly but with a professional understanding which inspired confidence. I contacted the agency in 2004 looking to buy either an apartment or a house in the area east of Montpellier The properties presented to me practically all corresponded to my expectations and the strangest thing of all was the property that I went for was the only one that for purely for personal reasons I really didn’t want to visit. Madame GRISPAN, in a skilful and professional way, knew how to convince me to push open the door of the house and I immediately fell for it. In fact the strength of INTERFACE PATRIMOINE is to really get to know their clients and to show them properties that match their profile. The client ‘follow-up’ is also rather unique in its field. I have regularly received news from the agency and because I recommended the agency I received a surprise gift as a thank you. I recommend anyone who is looking for a property to contact INTERFACE Patrimoine in total confidence and security. You can be assured of a warm welcome and a real experience. I wish the very best success to all the team at INTERFACE PATRIMOINE.
Hélène Juarez,
I discovered INTERFACE PATRIMOINE during my property search in 2002. I got in contact with Valérie Grispan through her advertisement in the Montpellier edition of the Yellow Pages. As I wasn’t a resident in the Languedoc Roussillon but in Rhône-Alpes, this concept appealed to me. We agreed to do a specific property search together within a limited amount of time. INTERFACE PATRIMOINE suggested several houses that met our specifications. This gave us a choice but also enabled us to find what we were looking for quickly. Professional searches, a respect for criteria and respected deadlines
G.K 2002